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Hologram Intrycko

Stridsvagnsvägen 14
291 39 Kristianstad
GPS co-ordinates: 56.045581,14.147161

tel.: +46 406 931 187
WEB address: www.hologram.intrycko.se
e-mail: hologramintrycko.se


Company's description

Hologram Intrycko offers its clients holographic stickers, used to protect the products from counterfeiting. These flat images, give the illusion of being 3D, because of the unusual method of manufacturing them. The lasers draw the image from many sides to create a colourful and eye-catching solution. The company is known for making products, which are beautiful to look at, while still providing a protection measure. People who appreciate smart, aesthetically pleasing and original solutions will definitely appreciate these 3D holograms.

Equip your product with a 3D hologram

A specialised method of production gives these two-dimensional stickers a 3D look. Hologram Intrycko manufactures individually crafted patters, often including the logo of the chosen brand or the serial numbers. These solutions are available only to companies that plan on ordering large quantities of labels. People, who want to buy shorter runs (min. 100), can choose one of the 3D hologram designs prepared by the company. Each customer can be sure, they are going to find products meeting their expectations.

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